About Us


We want to make who you are, a part of where you are. We are a husband and wife who make affordable, hand-painted, custom signs.

Our Story

Like most couples we found ourselves in a new house a few years ago and started contemplating what to put on all the walls. We hung up the baby pics and wedding photos. We ordered some nice custom frames and canvas photos, but we still wanted something more. My wife soon found the solution through catalogs and Pinterest. After looking at some of the items she liked I decided to try to make them for myself. And it turned out she approved.

We started by making a few things of our own out of scrap wood that was left over from other projects.

What began as a hobby turned into something we’ve decided to share with others.

We have three boys and two dogs. We live in Alabama.

Our Process

We hand select each of the materials we use in our projects. We do our best to choose the pieces that have the most character while still maintaining the highest quality.

Our Difference

We know there are places all over the internet to purchase custom signs. We think the attention to detail and care we place in each item provides the difference that sets our pieces apart from others.

We work each project as if we’re building something to rest on our own mantle. We hope it shows.


Scrap Mills sign

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