How to Pick the Right Sign

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The thing we hear most often is that people have trouble deciding what to get. We continually talk to people who would like to get something for their home, but they have trouble picking one.

Here’s a guide to help you figure out exactly what you need by covering a few basic points.

Step One – Who are you buying for?

You may think you know who you’re buying for but that’s not what this means. What I’m asking is think about the type of person you are buying for.

This makes a huge difference. Someone moving into their first home will likely want something large to fill any key, significant places first. These are only a few places of importance in a home such as over the master bed, over a crib, in a dinning room, or the center of the mantle. After these are filled, most people begin finding smaller items to hang around the house.

A newlywed couple or expectant parents may have a need for larger signs. A person with an established home would probably need something smaller.

Step Two – Size

The size of a piece will determine so much about what type of sign it will be. A large sign will usually go on a very significant space in your home, as mentioned previously.

In contrast, a smaller sized piece can go in several different and unique spaces. They can be an addition to a smaller bathroom wall or an empty space in a kitchen. They can be placed above a dresser or console table or added to an existing gallery wall. Smaller items have a wider range of use which allows them to be moved several times in your home.

Step Three – Text

Now that we’ve established the type of person who is getting the sign and thought of a size that would fit them best, it’s time to begin thinking of what it will say.

Those places of prominence can immediately create a comfortable atmosphere. A large sign should be something very personal and not generic. It should be a last name or a favorite song lyric or Bible verse. Seeing something unique and special to a person reinforces the feeling of ownership over a space. That large custom sign over the fireplace was made just for them. As soon as they see it, they feel at home.

A small sign can be moved in several different areas and serve in many different ways. This means it may be better to use text that is a little more generic. It can still be a Bible verse or saying, but it needs to be versatile.

You wouldn’t want to put something from the Song of Solomon on a small sign in the hallway to your guestroom; Save that for the spot in master bedroom.

Instead think of something you can move around your house but will still fit in with everything like arrow or popular saying such as “be brave.” You could add this to a gallery wall or just as easily place it next to the coffee maker. That’s the versatility a small sign needs.

So there’s a few options to help you decide on the right sign for yourself or someone else. It’s best to think of the type of person you’re buying for and what size may fit their needs. Then you can come up with the text that may be best.

And keep those verses about two fawns and twins of a gazelle (Song of Solomon 7:3) where they belong!

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