Gallery Wall Guide



Gallery walls have long been an interior design staple. They can be used to display professional photos in an office or kids artwork in a living room. They fill up a large wall or make a cold room a littler warmer. Here’s a few tips to help you set one up yourself.

FROM THE FLOOR UP –A great place to start is on the floor, literally. Gather up all the pieces you want to use and spread them out on the floor. Give yourself lots of room. Stand on a chair to get a better view.

WHAT’S YOUR COLOR – Having an idea of the color palette you’d like to use goes a long way. Sometimes this can seem daunting, (there’s a lot of colors out there!) so start with an emotion. If you want to keep things light and happy, add in some bright colors and pastels. If you are going for a professional look go for contrast like black and white with small splashes of color. Don’t let your palette be too rigid, just use it as outline.

TAKE A PIC – Don’t feel awkward to have a mini-photo shoot with your stuff. Move things around and snap a quick picture with your phone. Then try another lay out. It’s so much easier to compare your options when you can swipe back and forth.

ANCHOR DOWN – Pick a large piece to build out from the center. If you only have several smaller pieces it may seem too scattered and messy.

MATCH THE MATS – If you are using pictures, match the matting on each one to give feel of a collection. Several pictures with no matching characteristics will seem too chaotic. White is great clean choice for most pictures and adds to the feeling that everything belongs to a collection.

MIX IT UP – Changing up the size and orientation of the items used gives the feeling of variety. Once you have your largest items established fill in the gaps with smaller pieces.

CHANGING ORIENTATIONS -Changing up horizontal and vertical arrangements adds a lot of variety. Sprinkle in some items standing up or spread out across the wall to a bounce the eye around a little.

BRING OUT THE ODDBALLS – You might have some weird items that you just aren’t sure what to do with. Gallery walls are a great place to put those unique pieces. They may be a little too bold to stand on their own but tossed in with a gallery wall allows them to add a small touch without being too much.

GIVE ‘EM SOME SPACE – If you go too close it looks crowded. If something is too far away from everything else it looks like an anti-social loner. Try to give everything three inches of clearance and change it from there as you see fit. If you’re going for a more formal look then you may want to hang things keeping a strong symmetry in mind.

STICK IT UP – Before you go nailing holes all in your wall, you may want to consider alternative hanging methods. There are several ways to hang wall décor without creating a hole. Gallery walls tend to change when you find something else you like or something you’d like to add to it. Wall adhesives give you the chance to play around with things a little easier.

ENJOY THE VIEW – Take a step back and enjoy a job well done. If your new gallery wall is above a loveseat or a couch, then kick back and relax. Read a good book and enjoy your new look.

We hope you enjoyed this little checklist. We’d love to help make a custom piece to go on your own wall. If you have an idea in mind or already have an example of what you’d like, send us an email and we’ll get started!

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