The Unspoken Value of Handmade

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Handmade things are just better.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a butcher block or the weird looking coffee mug your kid made you in art class. There’s a value that goes past the quality materials or the maker’s detailed craftsmanship.

recent article suggested value can be broken into categories of functional, emotional, life-changing, and social impact. FitBits are a good example. FitBits aren’t just wearable technology. They’re motivation and a signal to everyone else that you’re taking your fitness seriously. That’s life-changing.

When I read this I  thought of the value associated with handmade items like ours at ScrapMills.  While we can’t promise much in the side of weight loss, our items carry an emotional value that can’t be found in other products. Handmade items have greater value.

You won’t find emotional value in something you picked up from Target. After you’re gone, no one will hope you left them that clock you got on clearance from TJ Maxx.

No matter how much you paid for it, products picked online or pulled off a shelf will never have the emotional value that clings to  a handmade piece.  After something passes through the first set of hands it starts to lose value. Your grandparent’s may have paid good money for some candlestick holders, but unless it fits your décor, you’re going to stick it in storage or sell it online. Regardless of how much is spent, mass production pieces don’t have a long journey before they end up in someone’s yard sale.

Functional items tend to depreciate faster than anything else. It doesn’t matter how good they look or how expensive they originally were. If you can’t use them, you’ll get rid of them. It’s because there’s no emotional value.

That’s where handmade makes a difference. These things may be functional, but the also serve an aesthetic and emotional purpose. They remind you of something or someone. They’ll remind you of your wedding day or that Bible verse your grandfather always said. They can motivate you to be adventurous or to take equal doses of coffee and Jesus.

They speak to you every time you walk past them. Before long they grow a voice of their own. It’s unspoken, but it lingers and it lasts.

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