Handmade Means High Quality

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“Quality is not an act. It is a habit.” | Aristotle  


For the longest time handmade items were the normal way of producing goods in our society. When you wanted a dining room table, you ordered one from a carpenter. When you wanted a nice cut of meat, you visited the local butcher. When you wanted the best quality, you had to meet the maker in-person.

Of course as technology advanced products became mass produced. As costs were lowered, quality soon followed and handmade items were no longer the norm. Handmade soon became synonymous with “arts and crafts” projects from Hobby Lobby.

In recent years handmade items have made their trend back to the center. With the help of the internet and most notably Etsy, makers are able to create a brand and personal touch with their products and services. Now it is just as easy to add a handmade product to your shopping cart as it is to order an item out of a mass-production warehouse.

The one glaring advantage handmade has over other options is the promise of quality. Because that’s what it is, a promise.

You see makers create because we have to. We have to get it out of our system. If the things we make aren’t at the highest quality, then we won’t be able to do it for very long. Each item we make is the most significant piece of our business at that time. Each package we deliver becomes its own little “make or break” promise to our customer. In most cases makers simply can’t afford not to do a good job.

So in that way, handmade means high quality.

Because it has to.


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