The Problem with Hand-Painted


“Crafting verses Craftsmanship”


For the longest time, when a store front wanted a new sign on their window or advertise the reduced price on a seasonal fruit they’d have to contact their local sign painter.

As with most things, technology and digital capabilities have made this a relic of the past. Now a business owner can call a local screen printer and have a banner made in a matter of minutes. Where once there would have been a beautiful design with depth and character, has now been replaced by a banner that will soon fade in the sun, tatter in the rain, and droop with age. Far too often it will remain in place after all its gloss is gone and every comprise made in purchasing this over a hand-painted sign comes to light.

This is not an indictment on screen print signs or vinyl. They have their place and they serve a purpose.

In recent years vinyl cut-outs have made their way into our homes. With little work, crafters are able to print and stick words to wood for a faux paint piece.

This is where paint has a problem.

Sign painting by hand is not a quick and simple solution. Hand-painted items take time to design, layout, prep, and execute. It is not something anyone can do by purchasing a supped-up sticker-maker. Painting by hand takes hours of practice and patience.

Hand-painting also makes work for the client. Unlike vinyl, hand-painted items require design input from the client. Every new piece is a collaborative effort and the results are something genuine.

The problems for paint are real and present an obstacle. The thing is that these problems are  symptoms, not a diagnosis.

These “problems” are there because the end result is something that has to be achieved. These problems are part of the process to burn away impurities and refine the finished product. A product that worked its way into creation and earned its place.

That’s where the problems for vinyl are far greater than anything with paint.

Paint is one of a kind. Vinyl is ubiquitous. It’s a cookie-cutter design with little to no individuality. It’s crafting verses craftsmanship.

Vinyl is opening a door on the freezer aisle and picking out a box. Paint is your grandmother slicing each piece of apple herself and spending all day working on a pie, made in a way only she could do.

In the end, the problem with paint is a problem worth having.

And now I want pie.

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