Halfway There


“Show up every day for two years.”  | Sean McCabe


When my wife and I launched ScrapMills Signs & More we really didn’t have an idea of where it would take us. We had goals that we wanted to reach and only knew of one way to get there; By continuing to work hard on each order we received.

Growing this type of business was something neither of us had ever done before so we sought out as much information as we could find. A great resources we came across was seanwes.com. I read all his blog posts and started listening to his podcasts.

Out of all the advice we found the piece that resonated with me most was show up every day for two years.

So that’s what we’ve been doing. We show up.

It started out slow for us but by the end of last year we couldn’t believe how many signs we had made in our first nine months.

It’s now been a little over one year since we started. In that short time our business has thrived. At only three months into this year, we had already received half of the orders we had in 2015.

We’ve now reached one year but we think of it more like getting halfway. We are looking ahead to the two-year mark now. We aren’t seeing it as a finish line. Just checkpoint on the road, reminding us to keep showing up, every day.