Problem Worth Solving

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“Problem solving is hunting. It is a savage pleasure and we are born to it.” | Thomas Harris


“I know I want to get something, I just can’t figure out what I want yet.”

“I had a few ideas but wasn’t sure how they’d look.”

“I was looking at getting them something but wasn’t sure what they’d like.”

At least once a week we speak with someone who says something along these lines. People will have an idea of what they want, but not really sure how it would work.

And the truth is, we love that.

We love using our experience to offer a solution. We love the opportunity to take an idea a customer has and finding ways to make it happen. We want to stretch ourselves and our abilities and coming up with a unique design for a customer is the most enjoyable way to do it.

We hope that you’ll continue to come to us with an idea, a song lyric, a thought, a verse, a saying, a name, a word, a shape, or a quote. We’ll come up with the rest.